Karen W. - Nahant, MA
“With the loss of both my parents and my younger brother in a short time period, my partner and I were faced with the daunting task of emptying out their homes and dealing with all of my family’s belongings. As a result, our two-person beach house was bursting at the seams with their memorabilia, treasures, and just plain “stuff”. Thanks to the suggestion of a mutual friend, we contacted Rubina, who assessed the situation, and set up a plan to tackle our overwhelming challenge. She has consistently and sensitively guided us through sorting, weeding, selling and donating. She has helped us find “homes” and create storage for the carefully selected “keep” items. The project started as a plan to clean out our basement and has turned into a “lifestyle re-organization” of not only the cellar, but our whole house and even our gardening shed! We look forward to enjoying our soon-to-be Zen sanctuary, and we have Rubina to thank for helping us make it a reality.”
Susan D. - Weston MA
“The prospect of cleaning out my mother’s house of 51 years, in a couple months, was an overwhelmingly, perhaps impossible project to me. Almost my entire life was entwined in that house. Then I was introduced to Rubina. Rubina assessed the daunting situation, and laid out a plan of attack. First, we staged the house to sell. The house sold quickly. Then, we proceeded to go through 51 years of memories, holiday decorations, 4-5 generations of pictures, books, clothes of many styles, and just plain “stuff”.
We designated each item to an area:
1) treasure to keep
2) perhaps a family member/friend would like
3) donate to another lucky soul; and lastly
4) trash
A plan to deliver the “keeps” to storage was made and executed. Family/friends picked up their new treasures. The town recycling center was frequented, and a wonderful company came to take away the rest. We made our deadline with a couple weeks to spare and this wouldn’t have been possible without Rubina. What started out as a seemingly impossible and emotional task ended up being rewarding and fulfilling. My mother’s, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc, lives are now lovingly saved and cataloged, and I hope to digitize their story.  This was truly a silver lining, for our family’s generations to come.  Who knew?? Thanks Rubina”
Patty F. - Falmouth MA
“Have you ever been overwhelmed? I was getting exhausted and saddened by the disorganization of my home and office. I was desperate. I recommend At Capacity. At Capacity cannot only organize your environment but gives you the instruction to continue you to be organized. Similar to the Chinese proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
Once the theory was explained to me – I was then shown how to practice it. The unexpected follow-up call showed me that the customer came first. I recommend this service to anyone and will hire them again when downsizing my environment without hesitation. An outstanding job, enthusiasm, and compassion are qualities rarely found in the service that were provided. Kudos to Rubina Motta! You are amazing. ”
Christine G. - Freetown MA
“Can i have extra stars please?! 5 isn’t enough… Rubina gave me my life back! She listens and she is patient! Plus she knows how to use power tools. This lady is the real deal. I will always consider her top of the list”
Stacey T. - Rockland, MA
“Rubina … You have been a Godsend to me. That means you have blessed me in ways you can not even imagine. I am in my kitchen trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible before the party and I am calm. The place is coming together exactly how I wanted it to. I truly appreciate all the hard work, power tools, early morning and late nights you have invested in our home. I know it will help to bring calmness to my family as the clutter and organization takes place. … I am not feeling discouraged with what could seem like slow progress. It is a pace I can handle. There are so many areas to address. I am beyond excited to get the kitchen and mudroom done. … we can actually cook, bake and spend time in here and enjoy it. … I would not have gotten this far without you…for that I am truly grateful!!!!”
Scott D. - Somerville, MA
“…I wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and your help in jump-starting my spare room organization project… I struggled with that space, as you know, for nearly two years and having you come in and do your “magic” was exactly what I needed…. I cannot thank you enough! You have a true gift… Once again, thank you very much, I NEEDED your help, and am so grateful I received it when I did.”
Rosemary S. - Lakeville, MA
“Rubina was excellent! During our first consult, she listened carefully to what my kitchen needs and priorities were. When she arrived to do the actual makeover, she had wonderful solutions for equipment placement and storage to make our daily routine in the kitchen flow much better. We’ll definitely call her back for future house projects!”
Rebecca C. - Brookline, MA
“I can’t say enough about the benefits of working with Rubina! My husband and I were overwhelmed by trying to set up our first condo with a baby on the way, and we were concerned that the small space would feel cluttered and disorganized. Rubina’s advice and perspective were invaluable. She helped us with every room including how to set up the baby’s closet so it will continue to be useful as he grows; how to utilize the unusual shape of the living room; how to create a system for out-of-control laundry; and how to organize the entryway. We feel totally confident in the new space and I’d highly recommend Rubina for any organizing project.”
Kelly M. - Lakeville, MA
“Rubina has helped me to organize and identify the problems I was having with tracking my finances. She showed me several ways to record and keep track of my bills and my expenses. …She simplified my tracking process and this has significantly saved me time and helped me to see where I can make changes with my spending habits and improve on my savings. She has been instrumental in helping me to improve my financial goals for the future…She is highly organized, innovative and very pro- active with her ideas for simplifying a very mundane process…. ”
James M. - Wayland, MA
“Rubina was hired to re-organize a much lived in kitchen…. The project included moving a basement pantry upstairs and incorporating the items into the kitchen cabinets. Turns out, we had been living with our kitchen for so long we didn’t realize half the utensils or gadgets that were stuffed into the cabinets, not to mention all the expired food! The process was challenging yet simple; empty a particular area and assess with Rubina’s direction whether or not to keep the item….Well, needless to say, I have a very well organized solution…..I would highly recommend consulting Rubina for a small project like mine or a more ambitious larger re-organization. It is much easier when you have someone that can assess your needs and suggest a solution that fits your lifestyle.”
Paige S. - Wayland, MA
“….Rubina Motta came to my home to organize my kitchen. The first thing she had me do was empty the entire contents. As much as this process interrupted my life, it made a huge impact. I just didn’t realize how much stuff I was really storing in there. I found some items I didn’t know I had! I ended up donating 3 carloads of pots, pans, dishes and glasses! During the reorganization process, she showed me how to organize items in a more logical fashion. For example, before the organizational process, my coffee, tea and mugs were located in three different cabinets. Now, we have a coffee “station”, with our Keurig machine located on a small counter. Above the machine is my coffee mug, K-cups, tea and sugar. Our new organization solution makes sense now. I would highly recommend Rubina’s skills as well as her adaptive approach.”
Janine Cavenaugh - Certified Professional Organizer
“Thank you so much for being such a pleasure to work with. Your help as the second Organizer on site has progressed the project tremendously, and has lightened the load both physically and emotionally for all involved. Your willingness to help out with any job needing to be done is commendable. Your friendly and professional attitude is appreciated by me and our client. I’m looking forward to working with you again.”